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Introducing JD Home

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

JD Home was started around October of 2018 by Jody Ronning and Dana Gordon (hence the JD). Jody has a vast knowledge making bath & body products from her experience of owning Beartooth Butters, a Red Lodge company that makes all organic body butters and lip balms. Jody had been creating hand crafted soaps that she sold at local farmer's markets and craft fairs under the name Beartooth Butters. The only thing missing from Beartooth Butters was the ability to sell this fabulous soap in a retail setting.

I was already carrying soaps and lotions in Bunny's Brush but was interested in more all- natural ingredient and artisan style soap products and candles! I LOVE candles. After some talking, brainstorming and planning Jody and I teamed up and formed JD Home and JD Home Apothecary.

Our vision has been and is to create lifestyle products using all natural ingredients that smell fabulous and have a designer look to them.

The JD Home brand is divided into two different lines. JD Home products features candles and coming soon... all natural cleaning products that actually smell good without all the harmful chemicals!

JD Apothecary showcases our signature Cashmere fragrance line of lotion, Cashmere Sugar Body Scrubs and Cashmere Soap as well as many other fragrances of soaps and bath & body products like our Rose & Oats coco butter soap that will be ready just in time for Valentine's Day!

We're having a lot of fun creating and are always learning something new. The shop smells DIVINE!

Everyone who comes in to Bunny's Brush comments on how amazing it smells. Whether it's Rose, Jasmine, Coconut, or Mint Fragrance and Essential Oils, there is always a pleasing swirl of aromas in the air stimulating your senses and

I'm loving it!

The pink toned soap featured here is our JD Home Apothecary Rose & Oats bar made from shea butter, coconut oil and other decadent moisturizing oils and butters. This batch is curing and should be ready in one more week! Remember, good things come to those who wait and I promise this luxurious soap will be well worth it. Who doesn't want rose petals in their bath water?

Jody and I are looking forward to discovering how JD Home will grow and what new all- natural ingredients we can introduce to our customers, friends and families.

We hope that you'll give our products a try and some feedback and mostly we hope you love them as we do and find a favorite of your own. All products in this blog are available in store and can be shipped via telephone orders. Coming soon we will feature JD Home & JD Home Apothecary products on the Bunny's Brush website for online orders.

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