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Sip & Paint Class

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

I'm so happy to kick off Spring 2022 with Sip & Paint Classes!

This year I'm offering home decor sip & paint classes as well as the furniture paint technique classes I've taught in the past.

I"m particularly excited about the home decor paint classes because we'll be working with a variety of mediums such as plaster and clay to go along with our paint projects. The home decor sip and paint classes will be very unique compared to the standard sip and paint on canvas. These classes are designed with the intention of using the home decor we all have and revamping it so it can be restyled in your home. I take my inspiration from the latest trends in design and hope that you enjoy these classes and time with friends.

I'm remodeling my bathroom at home and will be putting all my efforts towards that during February but I'm excited to get started with Sip & Paints in March! The class schedule will be posted on my website and shared to Facebook at the end of February.

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