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Why Is School Better Than Online School Essay

Online learning is a communication between lecturer and student without physically contact. The Online learning also can save up a lot of time from the lecturer and the students. Through online learning, students can get all the info’s that lecturers provide in the class. Some classes only need online learning and not physically there.

  • 3. Affordability. As mentioned above, online school is typically more accessible financially, as well. Online classes can cut the cost of learning in half. This is possible because online schools have fewer expenses and amenities than college campuses (such as.

  • Here’s Why Traditional Education is Better than Online Education It’s Less Interactive Through traditional learning, students can understand complex concepts through the instructor’s body language and face reading. Eye contact along with individual attention to every student thus enhances the learning experience by many folds. It’s Unhealthy

  • Why Online Education Is Less Effective Than In-Person Learning Lack of Interpersonal Skill Development Lack of Memory Development Lack of Student Motivation Between public speaking, group projects, presentations, and relationships.

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