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"It's your life, make it beautiful"

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

What a great title right? I wish I could take credit for it, but this is the motto and tag line of Jolie Paint, a new paint company based out of New Orleans. I have to say I'm in complete agreement. So many of us spend hours searching and scrolling through Pinterest and magazines looking for inspiration to make our homes better and ultimately more beautiful. I know I do! That's why I'm so excited to bring this new paint line to Red lodge, MT. (I know we've all loved the former brand I carried and I really can't say anything negative about it.) However, I CAN say you are going to LOVE JOLIE PAINT! The reason I'm changing brands is simple: the color palette in Jolie Paint is OFF THE CHARTS! It really appeals to what we Americans tend to look for in a paint color palette, and it's made in the USA.

The table above is painted with French Blue and sealed with Jolie Clear Finishing Wax.

The concept of Jolie Paint is something a lot of us are familiar with. Paint, let it dry, and Wax. It's just that simple. The Jolie Finishing Wax is one of my favorite products. It dries immediately, no tacky feel to it and no more waiting for it to cure! Anyone who has ever used wax can appreciate a fast dry time.

Here's a small sample of the beautiful blues available to us in the Jolie Paint line. Bliss is the robin's egg shade of blue followed by Deep Lagoon, Gentlemen's Blue, the bright Santorini, and Classic Navy, a color we've all been longing for!


Lots of colors, lots of style!

Did I mention there are 42 gorgeous colors to choose from? Featured here is a lovely pink called Hibiscus. If you've been wishing you could get your hands on a bright and fun yet sophisticated pink, this is the one! Use Hibiscus as an accent color, or, if you're really bold, go big and paint a night stand or side table.

You'll find the texture and quality of this paint is unrivaled, and in my opinion is the best new home decor paint on the market. Not to mention, it's made in the USA. I love being able to support American made products and I get behind them any time I can. The full line of Jolie Paint includes 42 colors of paint, paint brushes, finishing waxes, gilding waxes, wax brushes, artistic brushes, Floor Lacquer, and the list goes on.

Round paint brushes & Wax brushes available

Our first Jolie Paint shipment will be arriving soon and available to purchase at the end of the month. Be sure to stop in Bunny's Brush and check out Jolie Paint. You'll leave inspired and ready to get started on your own projects!

All the best,

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