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Adult Ed at Bunny's Brush

March 4 - April 25th Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30 pm-7:30 pm

It's that time of year again, Adult Ed at Bunny's Brush! Like I always say, if you've been wanting to experiment with Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT(R) this is the time.

You get to use all of my Annie Sloan Paint Brushes and Wax Brushes so no need to buy your own! (unless you want to of course).

The supply fee depends on your project. For example, if you're going to paint something like a small end table in one color you'll need a small 4 oz paint $11.95 and a small wax $17.00. I recommend starting with a small piece if it's your first time painting with Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT (R).

For those of you ready to tackle a larger piece of furniture like a chest of drawers you'd typically see in a bedroom you'll need a large paint $37.95 and a large wax $27.95. The quart or liter will cover 150 sq ft to 160 sq ft. so you'll most likely have paint left over to work on other projects!

On the first night of class I'll teach you several paint technique finishes. You are welcome to bring only small projects you can easily carry in and out of the workshop to class. So the large chest of drawers I mentioned above will have to be painted at home. You could bring in the drawers though! The reason is because it gets crowded in the workshop with big furniture pieces in here. We'll practice on some wood pieces that I'll provide on the first night of class and you'll get to use my workshop supply of paint for this part so it's a great deal AND you get to play and experiment! This also helps you decide what color you want to buy!

If you have any questions please call Dana Gordon at 406-446-1233.

Below are just a few examples of projects over the years. Some were done at student's homes but most were done in the workshop.

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Cathy Kate Stevens
Cathy Kate Stevens
Jan 14, 2020

The only place to get Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ® is Salvage Designs, in Blgs, MT the only place besides Bozeman, MT. this was and is the Original Chalk Paint, since 1990.

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