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Want to learn DESIGNER paint techniques on furniture AND fabric? Sign up for Adult Ed at Bunny's

It's that time again! The Fall session of Adult Education begins on Tuesday October 2, 2018 in Red Lodge, MT at Bunny's Brush!

As I always say, if you're someone whose been wanting to try Annie Sloan products, Adult Ed is the time to sign up for a class. It's affordable AND fun!

Each class is 2 hours long and you get an intensive experience on paint techniques and how to apply them to furniture and this year FABRIC!

I'm delighted to offer something new for people to try using decorative CHALK PAINT by Annie Sloan. We also have a NEW COLOR added to the Annie Sloan Paint line called LemLem. It's a delicious minty green for those of you who are green lovers!

What will you learn in "Decorating with Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT"?

This year the workshops will be divided into two sessions: Furniture and Fabric. We will start with furniture in October and finish up with the fabric painting and dyeing in November.

First, you will learn how to select a color for your project and then how to apply the paint using the Annie Sloan Method of painting. Last and most important, you will learn how to seal your lovely finish with Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT wax.

How to sign up & How much does it cost?

The Adult Ed fee is $15. You will need to sign up through the Red Lodge Public Schools by mailing in a check along with your form from the pamphlet.

You can also check out their website for more information on how to sign up.

There is also a supply fee and you can purchase most of your supplies through Bunny's Brush 406-446-1233. The cost of a 4 oz paint is $11.95 and a small wax is $17.00, I also have quarts of paint at $37.95 and large waxes at $27.95 so the supply fee will depend on your project. You will need to purchase a drop cloth or bring your own fabric to class during the Fabric Dyeing session.

I look forward to seeing you!

As always I'm so grateful to teach paint techniques through Red Lodge's Community and Adult Education. I've made lots of new friends through these workshops and I look forward to meeting new people each year. The atmosphere is creative,very laid back and most important!

I hope you'll want to try this class and if you do, you'll discover you have artistic abilities you didn't know were there!

Warm Regards,

Dana Gordon xo

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