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Happy New Year from Bunny's Brush!


We opened Bunny's Brush two years ago and it has definitely been a HUGE learning experience!



First, I'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Jed for always helping out at Bunny's Brush - no matter what is asked of him. Jed actually has his own full time job but always makes time to deliver AND pick up furniture, saw wood, build signs and even wash the occasional wax brush. I couldn't ask for a better partner and supporter and for that I am very blessed and grateful.. I'd also like to thank all my bad ass friends who have helped me along the way! You know who you are but in case you don't I'll just type your first names for now: Dawn, Kyna, Pete and my daughter Zoe, my Mom Glenda, Jane, Dawn's husband Tim and last but not least Georgia (for picking up Christmas Ornaments from a huge department store that is overwhelming to go into especially at Christmas time).


We opened in July 2016 and I was super excited to have my own shop and by October of 2017 I was preparing to make a huge decision to MOVE into a new and better location. I'm now located at 13 S Broadway Ave in the center of downtown Red Lodge, MT. It was a bittersweet move but all is good now! I have a spacious Studio with two sinks and lots of room for projects and people to gather, paint and be creative. What more could I ask for?


Well, to answer my own question, I think I could ask myself to always strive to improve and be better. So, that's what I'm implementing into Bunny's Brush this year. I'm bringing fresh new workshop ideas and concepts to our amazing town of Red Lodge, MT. I have an exciting new line up of classes starting THIS month, January 2018!

Click on the LOVE Scrabble Blocks to find out more! Go on, just click.

I don't plan on being a long winded blogger so I'll keep these short. My goal here with the Blogging will be to post step by step instructions on how to do things. For example How To Apply Clear Wax and How To Mix Clear and Dark Wax, etc

. I'll also do little demo's with furniture painting tips from time to time to keep things interesting.

So please comment, post, engage with me! I'm here to answer questions about painting furniture and making crafts!

Have a wonderful Happy New Year and thank you most of all to my customers! Without your shared love of art, painting, and home decor there would be no Bunny's Brush.

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